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Photo © Will Wrobel

We're always looking for motivated new lab members!
Undergraduates: Thinking about an independent research project? The rewards can be substantial - course credit, pay (during the academic year and summer), travel to conferences, and most importantly, enhanced professional opportunities after graduation. But it's important to realize that doing research requires a significant time commitment (similar to being on an intercollegiate athletic team). If you're ready for that kind of challenge, there are faculty mentors working with student researchers all across campus. Talk to your professors and classmates to find out about the different opportunities available. And don't wait! Many groups, ours included, give priority to first- and second-year students. To learn more about getting involved with the projects in our lab, e-mail Dr. Pellettieri or stop by his office on the 3d floor of the Science Center (SCIC 359).
Prospective Students: If you're considering coming to Keene State and would like to learn more about research opportunities in the sciences, we encourage you to schedule a tour with our Admissions Office. We're happy to show you around our lab and tell you more about our work during your visit to campus.
Volunteers: We have occasionally taken on volunteers seeking to obtain research experience (e.g., area high school students or recent college graduates planning to apply to medical/graduate school). Space is limited, but we welcome inquiries from those who are able to make a significant time commitment.
Postdocs: Our first teaching/research postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Ryan Woodcock, recently started a tenure-track faculty position at a small liberal arts college. There are no further openings at this time, but we hope to establish new positions in the future with receipt of additional funding (follow us on Twitter for job announcements). We welcome inquiries from candidates with their own funding.
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